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Christmas crafting

Christmas is one of the best reasons I can think of to pull out the stopper of my bottle of glitter glue and release my inner crafter.

This year I decided to experiment with printed papers. I’ve been a bibliophile all my life, but this year I discovered a new appreciation for the beauty of the printed page. The origami butterflies my colleagues and I made for the Pacific Rim Magazine launch party inspired me to make origami stars. Shiny, colourful Christmas catalogues are a great source of paper for this project.


Styrofoam balls decoupaged with torn bits of magazine pages, covered with a layer of glitter glue, and finished off with sparkly ribbon are another easy, fun project. I found it easier to work on half of a ball first and let it air-dry, sitting in the mouth of a glass, before finishing the other half. Note that it takes a few hours for the decoupage to get good and hard.


Finally, the soon-to-be-defunct Zellers has everything on sale, and I couldn’t resist this pad of black-and-white themed paper.  I made more origami stars to use as chopstick holders for a birthday hotpot feast.


Here’s a link to the instructions for making the stars. Thanks to EZOrigami for sharing! And happy Christmas crafting, everybody.


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