Deliciousness & kitschiness at the Richmond Night Market

It’s a summer tradition for my friend Mimi and me to go to the Richmond Night Market. The first thing we do is head for the takoyaki stand, to watch in fascination as pools of batter are transformed into golden spheres that are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, with a tasty, chewy little surprise in the middle. Smothered with mayo, savoury sauce, and paper-thin bonito flakes, they are the perfect street snack.

Fortified by the takoyaki, we’re ready to make our rounds of the stalls: every year the same riotous mix of the delicious, the kitschy, the useful, the pretty and the absurd. Whatever you are looking for (or not looking for) you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy and your appetite.

The Richmond Night Market is open Friday through Sunday evenings until October 12 at its new location, the north end of No. 3 Road at River Road, just west of the River Rock Casino Resort. There’s lots of free parking, as well as easy access from the Bridgeport Canada Line station.

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