Real fans don’t riot

Canucks fans rioting?

What Canucks fans?

Want to know about some real Canucks fans?

There’s that young father with three kids, all of them sporting blue jerseys.  And the nice South Asian lady in my church who loves hockey.  And the homeless guy who set up a tiny TV set in an alley so he and his buddies could watch the games.  And my former coworker, a grandma and a big Linden fan (as am I).  And my cousin, who’s been following the Canucks and playing hockey ever since he could walk.  He cried back in 1994; I’m sure that up North or in eastern Washington or in Calgary – wherever he is at the moment – he’s crying again.

We’re all crying, because we’re all disappointed – understandably so.  But I can guarantee you that none of us was pillaging, looting, or setting cars on fire in downtown Vancouver last night.

Real fans don’t riot.  Period.

And real fans stay faithful, even if it takes another seventeen years to get this close again.  Go Canucks Go!


2 thoughts on “Real fans don’t riot

  1. I live up north and watching this all on TV is so sad to see what these people have done to the city of Vancouver.After all Van;was nice enough to set up something for people to gather together and be together,and they turn around and do this to the city.This is such a shame.I pray that they sit in front of their TV's an see how stupid they looked doing somethig that was uncalled for.I take my hat off to the Police for what they did in trying to get everyone of the street,they took time aay from their family's and put they lives at stake,they really did their best,I said a prayer for them as watching this on TV that no one would get seriously hurt as they wer doing their job.Come on you tha did this take a good look at yourselves on TV and see what you looked like.

  2. REAL FANS…will never give their Canucks team bad name nor reputation. They watched the game in the comfort of their home with families and close friends. They don't start any riots and stays away from one.Win or lose, they will always walk away proudly wearing their Canucks jersey with dignity.Real Canucks fans will always support their team through ups and down and never once will it cross their minds in abandoning their team.Canucks team worked so hard to be where they are right now in final two. With the thoughtless actions of few, we will always be remembered as bad citizens from Vancouver Canada, with Canucks as their team.PLEASE DO NOT CONDEMN ALL OF US FOR WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST.I AM FROM THIS CITY AND WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD TO BE A CANUCKS FANS.

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