Welcome to my new neighbourhood

Actually it’s not quite so new to me.  My grandparents and aunts lived in this area years ago, when they first came to Canada, and when I visited them here for the first time as a little girl of eight years old, my grandfather and I would take the dog for long walks along these leafy streets and lanes.  Sometimes, when we were feeling particularly adventurous, we would wander into the woods and go exploring.  It was spring then, too, and my memories of those times are filled with the sharp fragrant tang of cedar, cool rain, sun-dappled leaves and the sound of clear running water.  

Later, when my parents and siblings and I immigrated to Canada ourselves, we ended up living for some years not far from the place where my grandparents had lived.  Our house was near the river, and on summer weekend afternoons we would take picnic suppers down to the park on the water and sit in the sun and watch the tug boats go by.

And now, here I am again.  I learned how to drive in these streets, walked home from this train station on fine days, used to go shopping and watch movies at this mall with my mom and my sisters.  

So moving here has felt a little bit like coming home.
And it’s wonderfully comforting to know that in the midst of big changes, there are some things that you can come back to and find that they’ve stayed the same.


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