Oo-la-la lunch

I don’t know if a meal for two qualifies as a party, but lunch today with the Tough Love Goddess certainly felt like one. After all, it was Easter Monday, she’s the first guest I’ve had over at my new place, and we haven’t seen each in other in a few months. All very good reasons to open a bottle of wine and celebrate.

While waiting for egg noodles to cook, we started off with some appies: multigrain toast points spread with goat cheese and oven-roasted tomatoes, and a dish of sundried olives.

The main course was honey mustard chicken with egg noodles and fennel, accompanied by a 2008 Siegerrebe from Domaine de Chaberton.

What do you serve the Sugar Police for dessert?
A bowl of fresh strawberries,
drizzled with just a tiny bit of white balsamic vinegar syrup.

The goddess looks pleased. I think lunch was a success!


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