Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy

Yes, you read it right. Gung Haggis Fat Choy (GHFC) is the name of a fusion celebration of Robbie Burns’ Birthday and Chinese New Year. I attended my first-ever GHFC banquet tonight in Chinatown and was it ever fun. There were men in kilts, women in cheongsams, bagpipes, poetry, songs, dancing, and of course, haggis – served in the traditional manner as well as in ways I’ve never seen before. This is multicultural Vancouver at its best. Thank you Ricepaper Magazine for giving me the chance to take part!

Appetizer plate: radish cake, jellyfish, barbecued pork, and haggis siomai

Haggis wontons

The haggis was piped in and the Address to the Haggis recited. Robbie Burns would have been proud.

Haggis lettuce wrap

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