Climb every mountain

They don’t call the 99 north of Vancouver the Sea to Sky Highway for nothing. It slices its way through the mountains, sometimes running along the water, other times through gorges, always with breath-taking views at every twist and turn. It only gets better as you go higher and higher and start catching glimpses of mountain lakes as clear as glass, rough and tumble rivers, and snowy peaks thrusting mightily to the sky.

Funny thing about mountains. As you leave the city behind and start climbing, everything shrinks to its proper proportion, including yourself, and you get a fresh new perspective of the world you live in.

I first noticed this phenomenon when I lived in North Vancouver a few years ago. Every day after work I would take the bus over the Lion’s Gate Bridge, and I would watch as the buildings downtown got smaller and farther away. Going home up the mountain was almost like a mini-retreat I got to do every day: a time to get refreshed and energized for the next day of work in the busy world.


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