Salt of the Earth

I could spend all day at the Gourmet Warehouse. Last weekend, when I took my sister there, we very nearly did. Wandering happily up and down the aisles, we lost all track of time, touching, looking, tasting, and exclaiming over things like toast tattoos, brownie popsicle moulds, and racks upon racks of baking tins, kitchen gadgets, beautifully shaped white tableware, spices, and salt (see above).

What better way to spend a Saturday?

When it came time to check out, we had to do some serious editing of our shopping cart. But we still managed to haul away quite a lot of loot…in matching stylish Gourmet Warehouse totes, of course.

Maria’s Purchases
1 espresso cup with saucer and spoon
1 sugar bowl
1 oil and vinegar pitcher set (which I will use for coffee cream and maple syrup)
2 egg cups
2 bags MaxiMixed Roots Chips
1 baking tray with rack for my toaster oven
1 tin smoked sweet paprika
1 ice cream scoop

Cookie’s Purchases
1 egg cup
1 espresso cup with saucer and spoon
1 set cookie cutters
1 bag Valrona dark chocolate chips
6 Weck mini-tulip jelly jars


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