When you get to a bridge, cross it

Vancouver weather can be very fickle, and this spring it’s been more so than usual. Downtown was overcast and showery all day, but just now, I crossed the Granville Street Bridge, over which the clouds have literally parted, and ahead of me is the south part of Vancouver in a blaze of sunshine, while on either side of the bridge, the water dances with sun pennies.

Decisions are a lot like bridges.

You come to a bridge, and the ramp is so slippery and steep, you think you’ll never make it up. Then finally you step onto the bridge, and the wind is so strong it takes your breath away. So you hold on tight to the railing and keep moving, putting one foot in front of the other…until you look up and realize – you made it. You’re on the other side. And you’ve left the storm behind you, and there’s only sunshine up ahead.
We can spend all our life at the foot of a bridge, knowing we ought to cross it, fearing that we can’t, hating to leave the security of what’s behind.

I made a decision today. It’s one I’ve been putting off for too long. So today – I did it. I crossed the bridge. And I’m really liking the view from this end.

Until the next bridge. But I’ll cross that one too, when I get to it.


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