Farewell, Olympics

What an unforgettable and amazing seventeen days. I got to hear and tell the faith story of a former Olympian. I got to see so many edifying examples of fortitude, courage, and sporting spirit.

I got to play tourist in my own town and see it through the eyes of the world. I got to witness history being made, from that first gold ever won on Canadian soil, to that last one which had this entire country on its feet and screaming. I got to sing the national anthem in unison with all my fellow countrymen from coast to coast and beyond.

I got to make a million memories.

But tonight I’m thinking of the Canadian consul who, thirty years ago, offered my grandfather a visitor’s visa so he could “see how he liked it.” It’s because of that consul I’m here right now in this great country, in this great city, savouring this great moment.

Thank you, Mr. Consul, whoever and wherever you are. Thank you to my grandpa for being brave enough to cross the ocean and start a new life in a new land. And thank you, Canada. I’ve never been happier or prouder to call you home.


One thought on “Farewell, Olympics

  1. There's a great article in the SFU newspaper The Peak about the edifying conduct of the Vancouver Police during the Olympics. The edition ran the first week of March–I can get it for you if you like!

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