How we beat the heat

We’re in the middle of a heat wave. Today was the hottest day yet…it hit over 35 degrees in the Valley. Even the cows are fainting (I’m not kidding).

I think the heat addled our brains a bit. Today, of all days, Mom roasted the boiled pork belly she’s been air-drying for days, to make lechon with a nice, crisp, crackling, golden-brown rind. And Sashi decided to make cupcakes.

So the kitchen was boiling for most of the afternoon, but we had a great dinner. We ate outside on the patio and feasted on the roast pork, Thai noodle salad, and ice-cold Guinness. For dessert, Sashi made individual-sized trifles with crumbled white cake (made from the leftover cupcake batter), berries, and vanilla icecream, drizzled with white balsamic vinegar syrup.


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